Front Royal Christian School

Classical, Christian, Inclusion, Involved.

A PreK through 12th grade school in Front Royal, Virginia, that fosters your student’s innate learning potential. From special needs to gifted, FRCS is committed to the spiritual, moral, and intellectual development of your student.

Our interest is always in the child.


For centuries, the greatest leaders and thinkers have been classically educated.

The classical method inspires learning by appealing to students developmentally and engaging their minds.

FRCS teachers inspire students to investigate, contemplate, debate, and pursue knowledge, resulting in a student who loves to learn and becomes a lifelong learner


Students of various Christian faiths come together under the Trinity.

We all serve God and celebrate the life we are given through Jesus Christ. Students attend weekly chapel services that focus on the needs of each age group.

We all come together with the same goal – to glorify, honor and praise the name of Jesus Christ.


FRCS believes that there is unity amid diversity.

All FRCS students, including gifted and special needs, learn together in an inclusive environment.

Inclusive classrooms are places where educational barriers are removed and students of all abilities are educated. FRCS believes in honoring each student’s unique learning requirements.

FRCS educators and administrators are trained and dedicated to engaging a range of learning styles and creating an environment where students not only learn from the daily curriculum but also daily from each other.


Through a commitment to service, we graduate students who are empathetic, collaborative, reflective and involved.

All students at FRCS have the opportunity to serve their neighbors next door as well as those around the globe. Students partner with Operation Christmas Child, local food banks, and other organizations to learn the meaning of giving. Elementary students send letters and care packages to service men and women around the globe.

Middle and high school students participate in on-campus service clubs. Missions trips within the United States to help hurricane victims rebuild and to South America to assist the less privileged are just a few experiences that broaden student perspectives of the world.

Our Latest News & Updates

FRCS News is a weekly e-bulletin sent to FRCS family and friends, updating them on current school news and upcoming events.

FRCS Musicals Hit the High Note!

Lights! Music! Action! Every year the Drama Department at Front Royal Christian School presents a musical that results in annual standing ovations and celebrations of student talents.

The Center for Lifelong Learning: A Fresh Look at How Students Learn

Equipped with new scientific data and a strong belief in the human spirit FRCS is taking a fresh look at how students learn.

Classical, Christian, Inclusion, Involved

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Front Royal Christian School is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International and the National Institute of Learning Development.

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