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Whether you’re volunteering to tutor our students learning a new language, on the planning team for one of our special events, or helping to raise funds for our great programs, we rely on your involvement and support.

And your investment of time and resources pays dividends that last a lifetime for our students.

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The mainstay of Front Royal Christian School’s fundraising is the annual fund. Contributions to this fund are raised and spent during the current fiscal year to offset operating costs.

To donate to this fund, contact our Director of Development (540-635-6799) or donate here.


Our goal at FRCS is education and formation. We feel both are important in creating lifelong learners destined to make a difference in their personal lives and the world around them.

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Sports Programs

Recognizing the role that sports play in the development of positive character traits (including courage and integrity) and in fostering leadership skills and a sense of teamwork, Mr. Allen Mulligan is the Athletic Director.

Archery Hits the Mark

Henry Thoreau said, “In the long run, you only hit what you aim at.” For members of the FRCS Archery team, this is twofold.

Not only are they aiming at the target, they’re aiming at becoming better with each practice and tournament.

FRCS Arts Program

It’s not unusual to hear voices harmonizing in the hallway between classes, ukulele music coming from a classroom after school, students practicing musical dance moves in the gym, and occasionally a breakout of guitar in the cafeteria if the moment is right. In addition, student musicians and vocalists participate weekly in the Chapel services.


Lights! Music! Action! Every year the Drama Department at Front Royal Christian School presents a musical that results in annual standing ovations and celebrations of student talents.

More often than not students who are least likely to speak out in class find their voice on the FRCS stage.

The Center for Lifelong Learning

Equipped with new scientific data and a strong belief in the human spirit FRCS is taking a fresh look at how students learn.

Since its inception, Front Royal Christian School has been committed to the spiritual, moral, and intellectual development of its students.

Classical Education

For some, classical education means adding Latin and the study of classical literature to a school’s curricula.

Though FRCS incorporates these into the education of its students, it also includes three stages of learning: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric.

From Our Head of School

Our vision is for every student, from special needs to gifted, to emerge as self-governing, independent learners who process keen critical thinking, effective communication skills.

These students will generously use their God-given gifts and talents in the service of God and neighbor.

Our Goal

Our goal at Front Royal Christian School is education and formation.

We feel both are important in creating lifelong learners destined to make a difference in their personal lives and the world around them.

Middle School (6-8)

The FRCS Middle School curriculum begins the dialectic or logic stage of classical education.

Students at this stage naturally question facts and given information. They begin to naturally partake in debate and argument. They want to know the “why” of something and the logic behind it.

The FRCS curriculum for middle school focuses on teaching the student reasoning, informal and formal logic, and discussion with wisdom and eloquence throughout all subject matter. Cognitive development continues to build on prior knowledge.

Middle school students need challenge in their daily learning. They want to know the “behind the scenes” facts and are curious about the “why” for most things.

The classroom assists the students in their search for this information by utilizing time lines, charts, maps and other visual materials.

Coursework will encompass debates, persuasive reports, drama re-enactments, formal logic, oral and written presentations, guest speakers to provide the answers, and field trips to observe, learn and experience what God’s world offers them.

The student will continue their journey to lifelong learning with an appreciation of asking questions and locating the answers.

Middle school students begin their introductory courses in Latin. The presence of God in every area is strengthened by the integration of His Word throughout all coursework.

Core Curriculum

  • Literature: Modern World, Ancient, Medieval
  • Math: 6, 7, and Pre-Algebra
  • History: Early American, Ancient, Medieval
  • Science: General, Survey, Physical
  • Writing Lab
  • Christian Studies
  • Latin and Logic: I, II, III

Electives and Enrichment

  • Art
  • Advanced Illustration
  • Photography (Digital and Dark Room)
  • Music
  • Physical Education

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