Archery Hits the Mark

Henry Thoreau said, “In the long run, you only hit what you aim at.” For members of the FRCS Archery team, this is twofold. Not only are they aiming at the target, they’re aiming at becoming better with each practice and tournament. Students are advancing their skill levels with hopes for attending the national competition in the spring.

Archery attracts students from all grades and is suitable for all athletic abilities, including students with wheelchairs. Archers learn skills that are applicable to life. They first learn a step-by-step method for drawing a bow and shooting an arrow. They quickly learn that by slowing down and focusing on one step at a time they are more successful in hitting their target. When mistakes are made, the coaches teach the team members that the solution is to analyze their steps and focus on improving one thing at a time. It’s a great plan for the archery field and in the classroom, and in life!

Student archers can be awarded scholarships. In fact, one FRCS student was recognized nationally and awarded a scholarship for her participation! FRCS students learn respect, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Team members must respect the sport’s rules, as well as each other. Students enjoy competing solo as well as part of the FRCS team, honing their goals and determination.

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