Our Philosophy

Since its inception, FRCS has been committed to the spiritual, moral, and intellectual development of its students.

Front Royal Christian School recognizes that education is lacking in the area of educating the whole child.  Over the past 20 years, there has been a significant increase in children who cannot assimilate, lack empathy, and have no resilience or adaptation skills upon graduation from high school.  In addition, technology advancements have increased social isolation, while today’s workforce still demands skills in collaboration for creative problem-solving. Teachers are directed to teach “to the test,” resulting in students cannot apply their knowledge beyond that test. 

The philosophy of FRCS is mediating a sense of competence, confidence, and belonging in each child. This fully inclusive approach to learning at FRCS intentionally addresses the individual learning needs of every child, from the vulnerable to gifted learner.

The education of FRCS students starts with training its teachers in a therapeutic approach to the classroom. This approach is formed on the basis that the brain is modifiable FRCS believes in teaching all to teach all.  FRCS teachers receive professional development in both cognitive modifiability and social-emotional learning that goes beyond the curriculum to be a full, intentional approach to the education of each individual child enrolled at Front Royal Christian School.

This well-balanced, unique program begins at the preschool level and continues through the twelfth grade and includes academics, internships, vocational training, service learning, performing and fine arts, and athletics. Through the comprehensive approach, students identify their giftings and purposes. The growth mindset at FRCS provides students with help in areas of vulnerabilities and encouragement to go beyond in areas of strengths, to reach skylights. What are skylights? FRCS teachers and staff mediate students to make connections where others cannot, allowing knowledge to go beyond the required and expected response towards unique, creative and innovative ideas.


Mediating a child’s sense of competence, confidence, and belonging.

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Front Royal Christian School is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International and the National Institute of Learning Development.

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